What Is Bovine Colostrum Supplement.

Health Benefits Of Colostrum Supplement.

Colostrum in milk, is produced by pregnant humans and all other mammals for a few weeks before birth and for a fairly short period after giving birth, colostrum is an extremely nutritious early form of milk which contains all of the antibodies, proteins and every mineral needed to build up the bodies natural immune system, colostrum promotes normal, healthy natural growth in newborn humans and other mammals.

Studies have shown that the consumption of bovine colostrum promotes the immune system, fights against infection and improves the overall general health of everyone regardless of age, in fact the regular consumption of colostrum supplements can have many health benefits for you which can build your immune system throughout your entire life, in fact, bovine colostrum contains an incredible 97 immune factors.

All mammals produce colostrum while in the late stages of pregnancy and just after giving birth, however, colostrum supplements for human consumption is derived from cows milk also known as bovine colostrum, this is due to the fact that bovine colostrum is very similar to that of humans, it is very high in vitamins, minerals, disease resistant hormones, many essential fats, growth hormones and digestive enzymes. 

Bovine colostrum is pasturised then dried so it can then be made into tablet form or turned into powders that can be used as supplements, liquid can be mixed with the powdered colostrum so it can be consumed in the form of drinks, bovine colostrum has a slightly yellowish colour and tastes and smells like buttermilk, colostrum supplements taken in this form contains vitamins A, C, and E, magnesium, essential fats, carbohydrates and B vitamins.

It is however the specific protein compounds that gives colostrum it’s main health benefits which include protein based growth hormones, IGF 1 and IGF 2, Lactoferrin, a protein which builds bacterial and viral resistance in the immune system, immunoglobulin antibodies, rich in IgA, IgG, IgM, colostrum also contains macro-nutrients and lactoferrin to promote growth and build various antibodies.

During the colostrum production period a cow can be given specific strains of bacteria immunization so as to produce colostrum that will be higher in antibodies and even more effective against selected strains of infection, these modified varieties are considered to be hyper-immune forms of colostrum and can be extra effective in treating certain infections in humans.

Bovine colostrum can also stop infections in the digestive tract, studies have shown that colostrum can stimulate the growth of intestinal cells and prevent intestinal permeability, which is a condition that causes the gut to leak, studies have shown that taking 20 grams of colostrum each day was enough to help prevent the risk of  intestinal permeability.

Newborn baby

The Importance Of Breast Milk.

A newborn babies first drink of milk should be rich in colostrum, it is the perfect first food for a newborn baby, it contains everything the infant needs for growth, it contains all of  the building blocks of a healthy immune system, the newborn will get all the colostrum it needs from the early stages of milk production, after the colostrum production stage the mother will start to produce the second and less concentrated type of milk.

Colostrum is sometimes called “white blood” because of the amount of active cells it contains, active cells that are similar to those found in blood, these active cells will help protect against infections and other various illnesses, natural colostrum from mothers milk also protects your baby’s gastrointestinal tract by building up a lining onto the inside of the intestinal wall.

After the early stages of colostrum production, mothers breast milk gradually changes to mature milk this is when the immune factors and antibodies start to decrease, however, the amount of breast milk naturally increases so the benefits of the anti-infection antibodies the baby gets from the milk remains at roughly the same level but it is important to make sure the babies gut is protected with colostrum before other fluids are given.



The ingredients used in baby formula milk may vary but typically formula milk is made from cows skimmed milk with added emulsifiers, it also contains lactose, natural sugars, syrup and fructose, natural oils, such as palm oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil, fatty acids derived from fish oil, vitamins and minerals which are from plant and animal sources.

When making the decision on whether to feed your newborn baby breast or formula milk, it’s quite important to bare in mind that many studies have shown the breast milk isn’t just a natural nourishing food, it also has many other functions, it contains natural antibodies to protect the baby from illnesses and infections and builds the babies immune system. 


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  1. Hi, your post on bovine colostrum supplement is very helpful because it talks more about  health, trading your post I find this supplement very important especially I love the job of digestive tract that it fix in the body, your post is helpful and because it discussed a lot about health I will be sharing your post on my social media for friends tonbenfit from it.

    • Hello Amdetermined, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, yes colostrum has many health benefits, I’m pleased that you found this information about colostrum informative and helpful, and I sincerely hope your social media friends can benefit from it, thank you once again for your comment.


  2. Wow, I have heard about colostrum and it’s benefits. I know that the first few breast reading for a baby is really important for the health of the baby but what I didn’t know is that it actually had supplements in powder and tablets too. I think I need to get this supplement to better my immune system. It’s good to see that you have reviewed this. The bovine colostrum supplement is a must have for me.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Henderson, it is of course quite important for a baby to have colostrum but colostrum is also readily available for people of all ages, plus the fact that you still benefit from all the nutrients of colostrum no matter how old you are, I’m pleased that you found this post of interest, thanks again.



  3. Thank you for this article. I don’t know whether I was breastfed or given formula or a mix but I hope that I was breastfed because yeah I’ve heard so much about how important it is. And you’re right the baby formula stuff contains a lot of additives and that could give someone a disadvantage in life based on what they are fed as a baby.

    Do you think that colostrum would be a good supplement for someone trying to do bodybuilding? You mentioned something about igf and I’m pretty sure that growth hormone is important in bodybuilding. I don’t have any growth hormone supplements because I think it’s illegal to use growth hormones without a prescription or something but it would be good to have something natural that increased my growth hormones.

    I will keep your page in mind and come back if I want to try it out. Thank you again for the article and I will be back to read more in the future. I think it is great that you care about babies and that you care that babies get fed the best food so they can have a good life.

    • Hello Charles and thank you for your comment, I believe I was breast fed and I must admit I’m glad I was, it just has to be so much healthier than the powdered formula milk, in answer to your question about growth hormones, my answer is yes, it’s well known that protein is good for growth including muscle growth, however there is such a wide variation of proteins in colostrum that I can’t realistically see how it can be anything other than good for muscle growth, I’m very pleased that you like my website and I sincerely hope you do come back and yes I do care about the health of babies and I’m sure you do too, thanks once again for your comment, take care.


  4. I had no idea that colostrum could be found in anything other than breast milk. Now I see you get it in supplements. I was wondering if colostrum in this form can actually be absorbed by the human body. Sometimes with some of these supplements you buy the body won’t absorb some of the additives as they are synthetic or too processed  

    It is wonderful news that colostrum can heal gut walls and for this reason alone, why isn’t everyone taking this wonder food?

    • Hi Michel and thank you for taking the time to post a comment, in answer to your question, yes colostrum supplements are digested and absorbed by the body, you get all of the nutrients from the colostrum, no matter what your age may be, I have no idea why colostrum isn’t advertised more widely, you really would think that something with so many health benefits would be given more attention, anyway, thanks again for your comment Michel, take care. 


  5. It makes a lot of sense that colostrum is good for you, considering what it does to protect babies. Giving your child that first dose of health is something every mother should try to do. 

    It is interesting how the color of the milk changes from yellow to white once the baby is born. I just wonder if the colostrum in supplement form is as easy for our bodies to absorb as the natural form. 

    I was surprised that the supplement you recommended is so reasonably priced as colostrum is such a short lived thing. 

    • Hi Michel, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I agree, every mother should breast feed a newborn baby, but I’m not sure if every mother is aware of how important it is, although I think the mothers own colostrum is best, tests have shown that bovine colostrum has the same health benefits, and yes it is very reasonably priced when you consider the short time period available for extracting it, I’m pleased that you found my post helpful, take care.


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