The Cannabis Facts.

Cannabis And CBD.

So what is all this fuss and hype about CBD oil and how can something go from being so demonized to being so popular so quickly, just the thought of consuming anything that is associated with cannabis would be enough to send people running in the other direction, well you may have thought so but it appears that it’s no longer the case.

Well, in short the reason for this sudden surge in popularity is due to the fact that CBD has such a wide range of proven health benefits, in fact, the health benefits of CBD are very wide ranging, from common everyday ailments to more serious conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Depression, Glaucoma, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Acne, Insomnia etc.

I have read all the CBD oil reviews I could find, I’ve also  been doing a lot of in depth research into CBD oil and other cannabis derived products and In this post I’ll be giving an in depth explanation into not only the reasons why CBD is so beneficial to our health and why has it been made legal, but I’ll also be explaining what is the difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil and what the THC component is.

For centuries and even longer ago, way back to our very distant past, healers were using cannabis because of its medical benefits, yet only recently have modern scientists began to explore the benefits of cannabis and start to develop products that are derived from cannabis, especially in the last decade.

Cannabis Benefits.

Scientific studies have been conducted and other various research has been made, trying to find out why cannabis is so beneficial for our health, recent scientific studies have now concluded that there is a link between the chemistry of the cannabis plant and the bodies own chemistry.

We along with other animals have receptors in our brain that the chemicals in cannabis are capable of activating, we have cannabinoid receptors that normally get activated by chemicals we produce in our own bodies called endogenous and anandamides which have an effect on pain, appetite, memory. Sleep and even fertility.

The cannabis sativa hemp plant from which marijuana is derived and is well known for its recreational uses that are due to the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana responsible for the intoxicating effects is the delta 9 tetrahydo-cannabinol or THC, there is also a recently discovered Endocannabinoid System or ESC, a human brain contains billions of nerve cells  or neurons which communicate via chemical messages.  

When a neuron is sufficiently stimulated a neurotransmitter is released into a space between neurons which in turn binds to a receptor in a neighbouring neuron, generating a signal, this process is essential for normal brain activity, marijuana users achieve the high or euphoric feeling due to the release of endorphins caused by the THC in the marijuana.

Detailed chemical element diagram

 Marijuana And THC.

The bad news for marijuana users is that THC stays in the brain for longer periods, which leads to a slowing down of a person’s reaction time, disrupts short term memory and also has an effect on the thought process, while low doses can cause a person to feel relaxed and less stressed, higher doses can have the opposite effect, causing anxiety and fear, high doses can even cause long term damage to the brain.

CBD Without THC.

However, there is now some very good news, scientists now know how to isolate and separate the CBD oil from the cannabis plant, so we can now have all of the naturally occurring health benefits from the cannabis plant without having the negative effects of the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, so, without any further ado, I’ll get straight into what these naturally occurring health benefits are.

The Brain.

The cannabinoids in CBD oil, help protect, maintain and regulate brain health, the beneficial effects on the brain include the clearing away of damaged cells and toxins such as glutamate toxicity, CBD oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps to protect against neuron and brain cell damage, CBD oil also helps to stop the brain from becoming over stimulated.  

As we get older our bodies, including the brain become less efficient at reproducing and replacing old and damaged cells, new cells must be continuously reproduced to prevent degenerative disorders, CBD oil has been shown to increase the efficiency and reproduction of new brain cells, which helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  

Injured knee.


Cannabinoids have a natural anti-inflammatory effect, inflammation is the bodies way of protecting itself but acute inflammation can have a wide range of negative effects and health problems, CBD oil improves the endocannabinoid system which in turn can calm and reduce inflammation throughout the body.  


Depression as many people are probably aware, is a serious condition, it leads to prolonged periods of sadness, loss of interest, concentration,appetite and energy loss, self loathing, mood swings and irritability, even thoughts of suicide, doctors often prescribe serotonin, which acts as a mood stabiliser, however recent research shows that CBD oil can be a signaling target for the pharmacotherapy of depression, which would be used a fast acting antidepressant. 

However it is advised that the patient takes advice from a doctor or health worker, so the correct dosage is administered, CBD medications come in various forms, capsules, drops or various edible food stuffs, CBD medications also have various levels of cannabidiol in them which means they have differing strengths. 

It is always advisable to start with low dose levels and work up in strength till the benefits start to become apparent, CBD oil can also be taken in the form of vaping or E-cigarettes which do tend to have a faster acting effect but unfortunately aren’t as long lasting.

Face cream.

Skin Care.

When applied to the skin, the antioxidants in CBD oil can have many benefits, such as repairing damage caused by external toxins, pollutants and UV rays, there is also a beneficial effect for people with over productive sebaceous glands, reducing the amount of oil on the surface of the skin, it is this oil (sebum) that can lead to acne.

In fact, cannabis has been used by different cultures around the world for many centuries for healing various wounds and treating disorders of the skin, it is even claimed that some types of skin cancer can be cured by applying concentrated cannabis derived products such as CBD oil.

Diabetes and obesity.

Tests have shown that cannabis users are less likely to suffer from obesity or diabetes, studies have been carried out that show the cases of obesity among cannabis users is more than a third lower than that of none users which is mainly due to an increase in ghrelin, a hormone that increases the body’s metabolic rate, CBD oil promotes insulin production and creates sugar metabolism, the process of burning sugar, turning it into fuel for the body.

However, a study has shown that excessive insulin levels can promote the conversion of sugar and turn it into fat which the body will store causing weight gain and obesity, recent research has been carried out on the insulin regulating qualities of CBD oil that may well lead to some new findings which in turn may possibly lead to a significant lowering of the cases of diabetes and obesity.

Healthy Bones.

Bone cells are constantly being replaced by new cells, which is essential for keeping bones strong and healthy,  CBD oil not only aids this process, but also reduces the risk of age related bone diseases like osteoporosis, CBD oil also helps in the healing of broken bones.  


CBD oil reduces both stress and anxiety, tests have shown that there can be a significant lowering of anxiety and this is due to the fact that CBD improves the function of two areas of the brain, the limbic and paralimbic, which are the areas that interact with motivation, emotion, learning and memory, studies have also shown a noticeable reduction in social anxiety in patients using CBD.    


Cannabis has been used as an effective pain reliever by many different races and various cultures throughout the world for many centuries, however, more recently CBD oil has been confirmed as being a safe and effective analgesic, In fact pain relief is one of the most common reasons why so many people are now using CBD oil. 


CBD oil improves blood cholesterol by decreasing the LDL levels “bad cholesterol” while increasing HDL levels “good cholesterol”, atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up on the inside of the artery wall, studies have shown that over time high blood pressure can cause damage to the lining of the artery wall which in turn leads to the buildup of the plaque, by improving the body’s cholesterol levels CBD oil also increases blood flow giving an overall improvement of the cardiovascular system.     


Can CBD oil help to prevent cancer before it even starts to grow. Studies have shown that CBD can not only make some cancers less likely to develop in the first place but can also reduce the size of existing tumors and cancers, however, more studies need to be carried out to determine the link between CBD and the prevention and treatment of cancer before these findings can be fully relied upon. 

History of cannabis.

The History.

The oldest known recorded use of cannabis is from a Chinese Emperor Shen Nung back in 2727 BC, Ancient Greeks also used cannabis, so did the Romans, in 1545 cannabis spread across the Western hemisphere, the Spanish imported it to Chile and North America were the fibers were used for rope and cloth.

Though the cannabis plant has been used over the centuries for medical purposes for the treatment of malaria, gout, nausea etc, some cultures used the psychoactive component of cannabis for religious purposes, however after being used for thousands of years for medical or recreational purposes, cannabis was made illegal in the early 1930’s, 

It may seem a rather strange coincidence but it was shortly after cannabis was made illegal that anti-Mexican sentiment started to rise in America and it was at this time when cannabis began to be referred to as “marijuana” in order to make a connection with the drugs that were used by Mexicans, thus giving cannabis a negative image.

What Is The Difference Between Cannabis And Marijuana.

Well, they are of course, both derived from the same plant, however marijuana is said to contain the THC element of the plant, as explained earlier in this post, however, some people believe that the term “marijuana” was coined by someone in a deliberate attempt to malign cannabis and show it in a bad light. 

Some people suggest that the rise of racial stigma against cannabis originated in the corridors of Government with the purpose of bringing about an increase of federal legislation against cannabis by combining racial tension, and the stigma caused by associating cannabis with the “locoweed” (Mexican marijuana).  

I sincerely hope you found this post interesting and informative. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Future.  



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  1. CBD does work for sure. THC works too, but that’s a story for another day. I like the variety of ways that CBD can be implemented. The diagnoses that it can help manage truly are extensive, with depression, anxiety, skin care, diabetes, healthy bones and cancer being a few on the list. I hope to read more of your posts soon. Keep on rocking in the free world my friend!

    • Thank you and yes I do agree, CBD oil really is marvelous stuff, the health benefits seem virtually unlimited, strange thing is the health benefits of CBD have been known for centuries and yet it’s only recently that people have been made aware of it, makes me wonder why it was kept quiet for so long, anyway, thank you for your comment, take care my friend.  

  2. This was a very thorough and useful post on the many ways that CBD (cannabis) can be used to alleviate many health problems and it is about time that the useful nature of CBD was recognized and decriminalized by governments. As you say, the manner it became illegal in the first place is questionable, and it is high time (no pun intended) that changes were implemented…

    The industry is massive and growing by leaps and bounds too and will do so for the next few years at least. This means that there are some good ways to be a part of this boom, most easily I think through promoting one or the other reputable brands out there as an affiliate.

    Because of the attention of the press and even my friends, I have undertaken some of my own research to see what CBD is all about. Your article has provided me a jump start on that research and I thank you for that. I am getting a very positive impression of CBD and its potential.  

    • Thank you Dave, I totally agree with you, I think it’s very strange that a plant that grows naturally and for free, gets banned and turned into an illegal substance, then as a result of the ban becomes a billion dollar industry, lots of back handers and brown envelopes to go round for the people who were involved in the whole dodgy business, it really does stink. 

      I have to say that I also agree with you about the opportunities for affiliate marketers now that good honest people have access to the marvelous healthy plant, the CBD industry really is massive and will potentially get even bigger, anyway Dave thank you for your comment, I am so pleased that you found my post interesting and informative, take care my friend. 

    • Thank you Joseph, yes CBD oil and the many other cannabis derived CBD products that are on the market today are all amazingly beneficial to our health, you wouldn’t think one plant could have so many health benefits, thank you once again for your comment Joseph, take care.

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