Red Tea Detox Review.

Red Tea Detox Review. 

Name. Red Tea Detox.

Website. https://www.redteadetox.com

Price. $37

Owners.  Liz Swann Miller.

Red Tea Detox Overview.

Red Tea Detox along with many other detox teas have seen a rise in popularity recently, this is probably due to the many health benefits associated with these drinks, health benefits that include not only the detox and cleansing effect but also weight loss, liver and kidney function, the digestive system, in addition, detox teas can also benefit people with high blood pressure, But why is Red Tea Detox, performing so much better than the other detox teas.

The Rooibos Plant. 

The rooibos plant is an African herb, which it is claimed has natural fat burning qualities, in fact it can burn 1 pound of fat in 72 hours, it is said that Liz Swann Miller, the owner of the tea, lost 41 pound in a few weeks, due to this tea.

More About Red Detox Tea.  

Red Detox has been specifically created not just to lose weight but to detoxify and cleanse the body, it has undergone 10 years of research and numerous medical studies, when this drink is coupled with a healthy diet and exercise, it’s detoxifying and cleansing effect along with the fat burning ingredient significantly aids weight loss.

The Pros.    

You don’t need to stop consuming other foods or drinks.

There are no side effects.

A very good reputation for weight loss.

The Cons. 

The story of how she got the recipe, does seem a bit hard to believe.

The text version is a bit long and drawn out, it could be shorter and to the point.

The audio version is available, but it costs more.

My Verdict on Red Tea Detox.

Having done some research on this product, I have found so many positive reviews and instances of people losing weight and enjoying all the benefits that weight loss brings, I must also add that people have also commented on the detoxing and cleansing effect of this product which also brings health benefits and a general feeling of well being.

My Final Opinion.

I do believe that this product has many benefits for your overall health and general feeling of well being, I feel that it is very important for us to feel more relaxed and less stressed, we all know that sometimes stress can be bought on by every day modern living.

Such as money worries or being out of work etc, that is why I would advise everyone to read this, it is an article explaining in quite some detail about what I believe is an easy way to earn some extra money online, which I do believe would, in some cases help relieve stress and of course some money worries, in my opinion it really is worth a try.


Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy life.


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  1. I’m a big fan of tea and I like trying teas out especially the ones that would impact my health positively and not just taking for the fun of it. Though I have never tried the red detox tea before, reading this review has given me insights to its operations and the benefits attached to drinking this tea. Also, the health benefits of this tea is great and massive too. I will order it immediately since the pricing is very affordable and not costly

    • I have tried this tea and i can say that it is a refreshing drink, though I having personally tried it long term, I do know people that do drink it on a regular basis and they swear by it, so I would advise anyone to give it a try, because like you said the price is very affordable, so there’s nothing to lose really.


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