Own Your Own Website (Free)

How to Make Your own Free Business Website.

Ever thought about owning your own website, maybe you have but keep putting it off because you thought it would be a bit difficult or too technical.

In this post, I’m going to be taking you, step by step, through the same process I used to build my website and I think you’ll be surprised at how fast and simple it is.

Before we get started, it’s much better to use a laptop rather than a smart phone, so my advice would be to buy a laptop, but don’t worry because you can get a good quality, very affordable laptop, in fact, I personally recommend this one :-

There are many different website building platforms to choose from, there’s Wix, Joomla, Brupal, Tumblr, Blogger and many more, but by far the biggest and most popular and by the way, the one I actually recommend is WordPress  

The Best Web Builder Site.

As can be seen from this 2019 graph, WordPress is way out in front of the rest of the competition in terms of popularity and here, I’ll add a short list of some of the reasons why wordpress is so popular :-

1,  It’s free, now there’s a good reason to choose wordpress.

2, It’s easy to use.

3, It’a flexible enough to be used by small or large business websites as well as online shopping websites.

4,  There’s no need to have any knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Drupal and Joomla are also free but I do recommend staying with WordPress.

What is a Domain Name and Website Hosting.

There are two essential things you’ll need to set up a website, a Domain name and Web hosting, a domain name is a web address like (your website name.com) so your website can be found. You will also need web hosting, which is a service that connects your website to the internet.

There are various ways of obtaining a domain name and web hosting but most of them aren’t free, but I’m not going to let you worry about that, because as I said at the start of this post I’ll be taking you through the same process I used to build my website and here’s what I did, I joined this Affiliate Marketing program which is free and the Domian name and Web hosting is done for you and they are also free.

How to Build the Website.

When you join you’ll be shown how to build the website from scratch step by step, in fact, you won’t need to continue reading this, however, one of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a theme and there are many to choose from, a theme is the general layout of your site, though you can style it however you want, don’t worry if you’re not happy with your original choice, because it can easily be changed or altered to suite your own particular taste and style, here is an example of some of the themes you can choose from.

You can choose any theme and customize it to how you want it, simply click on the dashboard, look for appearance and then themes, click on themes and choose whichever theme you want, when you’ve found it, click install, then click activate, it’s then ready for you to design it.

How to Write Content to Your Website.

Now your theme is installed, you need to start adding some content to your site, let’s start by adding a page to the website.

Go to “Dashboard” look down the sidebar on the left, go to “pages” then to “Add New” You’ll be taken to a blank screen where you can write text or add images, just practice with it and you’ll soon get the hang of it, click “save” when you’re done.

Adding your pages to the “Menu” to link the page to the navigation bar. Go to the “Dashboard” click “Appearance” then click “Menus” Find the page you just created, click the box next to it, then “Add to Menu”.

Adding a post to your website, posts are very similar to pages, however your followers can’t comment on your pages, your followers can comment on your posts. Adding posts is a very similar process to adding pages, go to “Dashboard” look down the sidebar on the left, go to “posts” then to “Add new” and follow the same instructions as adding pages, remembering to click “save” when you’re done.

Adding Plugins. Plugins are extensions used for adding features and content, there are plugins for almost every function you can think of.

Adding Widgets. Widgets display information for the user to interact with the operating system or other applications.

If you would like to be shown how to build the website from scratch with easy to follow, step by step tutorials, simply click the button below to set up your website and start building your own online business.


Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Future.

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  1. The technicalities associated with opening a website and running it by myself without being a computer savvy is the major reason I haven’t taken any bold step into building my own website but I never thought I could have everything this free as you have presented it in this post. Though I have heard about wealthy Affiliate, but I thought it was just about hyping and nothing serious about it but reading it here again about the various free opportunities provided within the platform is giving me a rethink and I would try to check it out. I will really be glad if I can actually have my own website.

    • Hello Isaac, Before I joined wealthy affiliate, I wouldn’t have had any idea of how to build a website, however wealthy affiliate make it all seem so easy, as soon as you join you’re shown easy to follow step by step website building instructions and before you know it, you have your own website, you’re then taught how to write good quality posts and articles etc to fill your website, I wholeheartedly recommend wealthy affiliate to anyone how is interested in building their own affiliate marketing business, thank you for your comment Isaac, take care.


  2. This is a fantastic way to describe how to create a website. I love the image of percentages of users and what is used for websites. You’ve explained how to build out your website really effectively. The unique part of going through Wealthy Affiliate is that you also learn how to do this yourself, with the help of the community and are given so much information to help learn at your own pace. I have friends who have paid to have their websites created. I’ve had a look at their wordpress dashboard, and it looked like it was missing heaps of stuff, meaning my friend didn’t have access to much, and had less independence on how it looked or presented. It’s so much more empowering if you can do this yourself through Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thank you Kat, yes it’s true, when you join wealthy affiliate, the first thing you do is get your own website up and running, you’re then shown exactly how to write good posts and other various content to fill your website, I have heard that it can be very expensive to have a website created for you but with wealthy affiliate it’s absolutely free and you’re right, it does feel much better to have built your own website, thank you for commenting, take care.


  3. Thanks Russ, that’s a great write-up there. I’ve actually had a sure once before with blogger but I didn’t like the fact that it had to use “blogspot” as part of its domain name. I needed something unique and particular to me but I didn’t get it. Even though I have joined wealthy affiliate a few days ago, I have not started off with my site yet and I know I will soon. I’m just glad I came across this post and I’ll be sure to make use of the tips here to build my own site. Thanks again Russ

    • I’m always very pleased when someone finds my posts useful or helpful, I agree with you about blogger, I still have a blog but I never use it these days, a website is so much better, I know from experience that if you stick at it with wealthy affiliate, you will not only build a website but will also learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, I’m happy that I was of some help to you Jackson and thank you for commenting, take care.


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