How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing ( 2019 – 2020 )

How To Make A Passive Income From Home.

How would you like to make money from home, even while you sleep, simply by doing what you enjoy doing anyway, just sitting at your computer doing stuff online, well actually, it is slightly more complicated than that but I hope you get the point I’m trying to make here, affiliate marketing isn’t hard work and you certainly won’t need any safety boots or hard hat.

You will however have to put some time and effort into it, but hey, you can’t just expect people to just give you money for nothing, but anyway, let’s get down to the original question, which is, how to make money from affiliate marketing, well actually, I would have to say that affiliate marketing is a much more long term money making activity, in other words it’s more of an ongoing business, unlike, completing online surveys, reviewing websites or sell stuff on eBay.

In this post I’ll be explaining exactly how to make money with affiliate marketing but also how to make affiliate marketing work for you, and how to grow a successful online business. Okay lets get started, the concept of affiliate marketing is, you advertise and sell someone else’s products, goods or services, you earn commission if someone buys a product or service etc, as a result of your advertising, so therefor you don’t actually need to produce any products, or concern yourself with the delivery or any post and packaging.

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Successful Affiliate Marketing.

As mentioned earlier Affiliate marketing is quite simply a case of getting paid for advertising someone else’s product for them and that’s basically all it is, but you will however, need a place or a platform to advertise from, so therefor you will need a blog or a website and here I will explain how to build your own website and it’s free.

When you have created your website or blog, you will then need to add content to it, the more you can add to it the better and that’s because the more people you have viewing and reading your website the more conversions/sales you will make, you need to create your own niche, a niche is simply a subject, it can be absolutely anything you want it to be, you can choose whatever you like, but it is best to have a niche which is based on something you are interested in and have quite a lot of knowledge of, that way you will be better able to come up with more interesting and informative posts to add to your website.

Remember at the start of this post where I said you will have to put some time and effort into it, well this is where the time and effort comes in, what you need to do is keep adding interesting and informative content to your website or blog while at the same time building up your social media accounts, so you can get people visiting your website, the obvious social media sites are Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, MeWe and gab.

So now we can start to see the three essential links in the chain of affiliate marketing, the first link is the company that produces and sells the product, the second link is the affiliate that advertises and sells the product, the third link is the buyer of customer, or in this case your audience, the people you have encouraged to read your website or blog.

Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another way and without doubt the best way of getting a bigger audience to your website/blog, the audience in SEO terms is often referred to as “traffic” and in this post, I will not only explain why search engine optimization is by far the best way of getting an audience or traffic to your website but I will also explain why it is also the hardest.

Search engine optimization is basically “Google search” when people search for something on Google and there are literally millions upon millions of searches every day, the search engine takes them to the top page, so people usually find what they originally searched for among the first few items on that top page, so with that in mind, can you imagine how many people would view your website if it was at the top of that first page.

It would in face, get you loads of traffic to your website, but I did say it was also the hardest and it’s the hardest because quite obviously every retailer, company, blogger, website owner etc, are all trying very hard to get to the top of that same list, and that really is a lot of competition, but as with all things that are worth accomplishing, if you’re willing to put in the hard work, time and effort and with lots of practice it can actually be done.

How To Find Affiliate Programs To Sign Up To.

When you have lots of good quality, interesting and informative content on your website or blog and you start to get people coming and reading you website, that’s when you can sign up to some affiliate programs and this really is the easy part, because there are so many to choose from, no matter what your chosen niche is, a good place to start could be Amazon because they sell everything imaginable, from robot carpet sweepers, which is where that link will take you, through health and fitness programs to washing machines, however here is a small list of some of the others that you to choose from :-

Clickbank, One of the advantages of Clickbank is that like Amazon, it has a huge list of products to sell, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding products that fit in with your niche and even though Clickbank uses vendors the commission rates are generally quite high, however not all of what they sell is of good quality.

ShareAsale, ShareAsale also has a wide range of products for you to choose from, however this one isn’t as easy as some other affiliate programs when it comes to signing up with them.

eBay, Yes even eBay are in on the affiliate marketing act and I don’t think it needs to be said here that eBay really do sell absolutely everything, so it doesn’t matter what your niche is, you’ll find it here, however there is a slight problem with eBay in the fact that if an item is auctioned and it takes more than 10 days, you don’t get paid.

Shopify, Shopify pays out high commission rates and provides a good customer service, but even though the commission rates are good, you have to wait 2 months after you make a sale before you get paid.

Bluehost, Bluehost also has a wide range of products to choose from and the sign up process is quite simple, however people have reported having some problems with Bluehost.

CJ Affiliates, CJAffiliates, formally know as commission junction, Is yet another company that has a wide range of products, however CJAffiliates isn’t very user friendly for beginners to become comfortable with.

Brick wall.

Building On A Solid Foundation.

A business is like a building, it isn’t going to be stable if it isn’t built on solid ground, when you start building your online business, you must always remember that your online community, the people who come to your website, must be put first and they must also be able to trust you and see that you are an honest person, or they won’t come back, and your business won’t have a solid foundation, right from the start your community must see that you are trustworthy so they can believe in you.

When your community knows that you are honest and trustworthy, they will start recommending you to other people such as their friends and family, just by telling them to read your honest review on such and such type of product before buying it, it’s the little things like this, that start your community growing.

It is also important to know everything about the product you are selling, because how can you recommend a product to someone that you yourself haven’t even tried, if by chance you are selling a product that you’re not 100% sure about, then be sure to make that clear to your community.

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  1. Russ, thanls again for another informative post, I always like coming down to your blog to read all I need to know on affiliate marketing and this is by far the most interesting… It states exactly all the ways and procedures of making money online with wealthy affiliate…I did not know before that you need platforms where you’ll be selling products for them…I only thought that had to do with Amazon…Thanks again for the great post

    • Hello Jackson, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, I am always very pleased when my posts are helpful or of use to people, another good point about wealthy affiliate is that their affiliate program is a recurring one, in other words you continue to get commission every month for as long as the member you invited remains a member, so it could potentially continue for years.


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