How to Build an Online Business For Free (can it be done)

Can it be Done ?

Yes it can be done, I’m not going to say that building a free online business is easy, I don’t think anyone would expect it to be, but with a bit of time, effort and patience, you can do it. the very fact that the internet has helped to level the playing field, so to speak, anyone with a computer now has access to all the tools and technology needed for making money online.

Before the advent of the internet, you would have needed quite a large amount of capital to start any kind of business, but nowadays with the emergence of the internet, it’s all very easy for anyone to search and find anything they want, need or are simply curious about, all the information you would ever need is there at your fingertips and it’s all virtually free.

Therefore the opportunity for building an online business is now there for anyone, regardless of their initial wealth or capital, in this post, I’m going to be giving you some various ideas and methods of how to make some money online without having to pay anything up front.

However, when you do start making some money, not only is it possible to use some of that money for paid gadgets and ads etc, but you’ll most probably want to invest and grow your online business.

So, without further ado lets get straight into the first and probably the easiest sustainable ways of starting a free online business.


1, Blogging. You can start blogging for free, simply go to (www.blogger.com) open an account and start writing stories and posts, it’s best to choose a subject that you’re interested in and have a lot of knowledge about, you will soon start to get people reading your posts and following you, then you can monetize your blog and get paid by using ads and affiliate links.

To place adds on your blog, you can sign up to Adsense, Propeller Adds or Adsterra Network.

For Affiliate links you can sign up to Amazon, Clickbank, actally you can choose from a large number of companies, depending on your chosen niche.

2, YouTube. On average 1 billion people watch stuff on YouTube every day, that’s a lot of people and advertisers are ready and waiting to pay you for placing ads on your channel, so, open a YouTube channel, start making video’s on any subject you want, keep the video’s interesting so you can get a good following, and then sign up to AdSense or any other advertising site and get paid for placing ads on your Youtube channel.

3, Drop shipping. Drop shipping is when you create an online store to sell someone else’s goods and get commission for each sale, you don’t lose money if it doesn’t sell, click HERE to learn all about drop shipping.

4, Affiliate marketing. With Affiliate marketing, you will need to get a platform in order to advertise and sell products, you earn commission for each product you sell basically, earning a money for advertising and selling someone else’s product, the platform to use can be a blog or a website, personally I would recommend a website.

Other ways to Make Money Online.

Here I’ve added a list of ways you can make money online while you’re building your business or if you don’t want to build an online business but just want some extra cash.

1, Get paid for searching the web. Get paid for doing what you already do online, you can get paid for searching google, bing or yahoo with Qmee.com, each search result has a cash reward attached, simply click on it to collect the reward.

2, Get paid to review websites. Sign up to Usertesting.com and get paid to review websites, each review takes approximately 20 minutes and pays £6.50.

3, Get paid to, sites. Get paid to, sites are similar to online surveys, Toluna, Swagbucks and InboxPounds pay you for completing online offers and activities.

4, Sell stuff on ebay. ebay isn’t just for getting rid of old unwanted items, it can be used to make a regular income, buy from second hand or charity shops and sell on ebay for a profit, see money saving expert.com for tips and help to get started.

Weighing scale

Which Money Making Method Do I Recommend.

I don’t think I can end today’s post without letting people know which of the above money making suggestions, I myself would recommend and for me it has to be affiliate marketing, the reason being, I think it is more of a sustainable and long term income, it is also more diverse in the fact that you can promote and sell so many different products, you’re never tied to one website or just one single niche, you can run numerous websites each one based on a different niche, giving you a whole range of products and services to build your revenue from.

Admittedly, you do need to build up a good following for your websites, through social media, forums, SEO, etc, but my advice is, if you’re a complete beginner, use one of the other money making methods while you build up your affiliate marketing business, it may take a few months before you see any results from your affiliate marketing endevours, it may take 6 months or even a year, but my point is, by this time next year you will have a sustainable and steadily growing online business, so in my honest opinion, it is worth doing.

For someone that is just starting out or a complete beginner when it comes to affiliate marketing, in fact, if you’re someone that would like to know more about it, the affiliate marketing training program I wholeheartedly recommend is the one below, Uncover the secrets to making money online, the reason for this is the fact that I not only joined this affiliate platform myself, but I am still a very satisfied member.

So if you decide to click on the link below and join, not only will you meet me in there and by the way, I promise I will help you with any problems or difficulties you may have, but you will also get all the help and training anyone would ever need from the experienced members, who will happily give you any help or advice you may need to start building an online business and in addition to that, you also get not one but two free websites and that’s when you sign up for the free membership, you literally have nothing to lose.

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Wishing you a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Future.



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  1. Hi Russ,

    I really enjoyed your post. I always try to find such types of opportunities which you have said in your post. I recently got to know about affiliate marketing and now I am a newbie of WA. You amazingly expressed how to get money from online business. You recommended affiliate marketing for online income and it’s lanthy income opportunity. But I have a question that is affiliate marketing as like as MLM?

    Thanks dude for your important and informative post.🙂

    • Hello Snigdha, thank you I’m pleased that you enjoyed reading my post and yes I do recommend affiliate marketing I am also pleased that you joined wealthy affiliate, you have made a wise decision, to answer your question, Multi Level Marketing is different to affiliate marketing in the fact that MLM is network marketing of a single product on many levels, you join a team, each member of the team can do different things to promote the product, Affiliate Marketing is where a person has his or her own website or blog to promote whatever products they choose, I hope this has helped, thank you for your comment.


  2. Hello! This is massive information being given away just for free, wow! This is simply golden. Building business online and making money with it has become the new trend in recent years and more opportunities kept on surfacing on day to day. I like the various options provided here and I think I can try my luck with a couple of them as it would not hurt to give a trail to various platforms and see the ones that work best. Affiliate marketing being the most recommended by you is very lucrative and for suggestion WA as the platform to learn it,  that seems nice and I will definitely try it out since that is your pick from the array of opportunities you have listed.

    • Thank you Ramos, I’m always pleased when someone finds my posts informative and helpful, and yes it would be a good idea to try out some other money making avenues, they could turn into helpful little income streams while you’re building your affiliate marketing business, they may even turn into lucrative income streams, so yes why not give them a try, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


  3. Tbis is a nice one Russ, I totally agree with you here. Many people believe that everything that is online is a big scam but that’s not true, if one makes good research and look for the right ways, money can be made online and one can start up a good business. This are really great ways. I personally chose the lath of affiliate marketing and I’ve been having a great ride. I did freelancing too sometime in the past. So yes, one can start up a good business online for free with the right platform. This list is very good. Nice!

    • Thanks Henderson, I too chose the path of affiliate marketing, and yes money can be made, just put the time and effort in and the rewards will come out, Thank you for leaving a comment.


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