How Can I Make Money At Home.

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How Can I Make Money From Home.

How can I make money online from what, well, there are many ways of how to earn extra money at home, in fact, I have suggested various ways how to make money online, on other posts here on this website, however, the purpose of today’s post to tell you what is in my opinion, the best way to make money online.

What’s the best way to make money online.

Most methods of making money online aren’t very lucrative, that is to say they usually involve getting a small reward for each task you complete, such as online surveys, selling stuff on eBay or “get paid to” sites, but there is a way of making a sustainable, regular income, which actually becomes a passive income, in other words, you make money while you sleep.

What is passive income online, well, when you sell goods or services online, you have potential customers looking at your website 24/7, because the internet is world wide, so people can potentially buy products that you are promoting while you’re doing other things, such as sleeping, so you may wake up in the morning richer than you were when you went to bed and that my friends is passive income.

I am of course referring to affiliate marketing, which is, in my honest opinion, the best way of making money online, I’m not going to say it’s easy to make money or you’ll get rich quick because you won’t and I would advise you to steer clear of anyone promising such things, they are almost certainly scammers and there is no shortage of them, the only people they want to get rich is themselves.

In this post, I’m going to try and give a full in depth explanation into how to get started with affiliate marketing, what to expect from it, how long it takes to start earning money from affiliate marketing and how to get started for free, in fact, one of the best advantages of starting with a free membership is, it gives you a fair chance to see if it’s right for you before you even decide whether you want to upgrade or not.

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Laptop with money.

How to learn about affiliate marketing.

The first thing you’ll need is a website, if you don’t already have one, there’s nothing to worry about because I’m going to be showing how to get one for free along with instructions on how to get it up and running, which is also free.

When you have your website built, which, by the way, is quite easy to do because you just need to follow the instructions and I found the instructions quite easy to follow and if I can do it anyone can, the next part which is slightly more difficult is adding content to your website, if you think writing posts and articles isn’t your thing, don’t worry about that either because that’s exactly what I thought when I got started, but the more you write the better you get at doing it and surprisingly it also gets a lot easier.

What to write about.

This is were choosing your niche comes into it, your niche is a subject which can be absolutely anything, think of something you’re passionate about, something you have a lot of knowledge about, it’s better if you can choose a niche subject that has a lot of scope for marketing products, for instance, if it’s something like DIY you’ll have loads of products you can advertise and potentially sell.


Once you have lots of posts and articles added to your website, you then have to get people visiting your site and reading your content, there are a few ways of doing this, but perhaps the main ones are social networking and of course Search Engine Optimization (SEO), my advice would be, to not pay too much attention to SEO to begin with, that is something that will come with time.

Social Networking.

When I first started out on my affiliate marketing journey, I was already using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, I had been told that building up my social networking was important.

so I also joined Instagram and MeWE and got busy adding and following friends as well as putting a lot of content on my networking sites, the more interesting and amusing content you add to the networking sites the more friend requests your likely to get.

When you’ve built up a large following, you can then start adding links to direct people to your website, so as to get people coming to it and reading your content, my advice would be to try to get people visiting your website before adding affiliate links.

This is mainly because some retailers and various companies that use affiliates aren’t always keen to have websites with little to no followers advertising their products, but don’t worry if you do ever do get refused affiliate links by anyone, because you can apply again when you have built up your followers.

Best affiliate marketing programs.

When you first start signing up to affiliate marketing programs always keep in mind that they’re not all the same, some affiliate programs offer a one time payment, for instance you find a customer for a retailer and get a commission for the product that was purchased, so you must continually find customers to keep getting one off commissions, however there are also recurring affiliate programs.

What is probably the best and most lucrative thing about affiliate marketing is the fact that you can get a recurring income, which means, when the customer you find stays with the company and pays a monthly membership fee, then you automatically get a monthly commission, I’m not suggesting using only recurring affiliate programs because some companies pay high one off commissions, so a mix of both would probably be for the best.

How long does it take for me to start earning money ?

As I stated earlier in this post, making money online isn’t easy, anything worth having never comes easy and the answer to this is very difficult because it depends on so many things, however, some people say about three months, but personally I would say prepare yourself for longer than three months, so you won’t be disappointed if it does take longer.

You can start up with little or no money, but you must be prepared to keep up with regular, interesting and informative articles, you must also keep working on your website, always thinking of new and interesting ideas, not just for your posts and content but also the look of your website.

Ask people within the community for feedback and constructive criticism of your website and it’s content so you can then make any necessary adjustments or simply alter and tweak various aspects of your site.

Keep it interesting so people who come to read your content will keep coming back, the more visitors you get to your website the more potential customers you have and of course the retailers etc, will be more than happy for you to advertise their products.


Patience is a big one, they say that patience is a virtue and with online affiliate marketing, in fact any online money making venture patience certainly is a virtue, you see there’s no real way of knowing how long it’s going to take for your online business to start growing and becoming successful.

My advice is to prepare yourself for a long wait before you start earning a substantial amount of money, that way you won’t be disappointed if it does take a long time, but I will end with this, Never Give In.  

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Thank you for reading my post, I sincerely hope you found it interesting and informative, please feel free to leave a comment.

Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Future.  


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  1. Great blog post on the subject of making money online. Speaking from personal experience patience is key,people can become frustrated very fast. I also agree with not getting to caught up with seo. I think as well as time goes on once you have a site up and running with affiliate products tools will improve in regard to traffic and things that hopefully will in time make it quicker and easier to make money online.

    • Thank you for your comment Joseph, yes, you’re absolutely correct, too many people start out thinking they can make money almost straight away, it maybe because they have seen the get-rich-quick merchants on YouTube, but whatever the reason is, I always like to be honest and tell people not to expect too much too soon, some people even get disheartened and give up when they don’t make money as soon as they have their website up and running, it’s always best to keep your expectations low, because it sometimes takes a long time, but one thing is for sure, if you stick at it, you will eventually succeed, thank you once again for your comment Joseph, take care.


  2. This site is very educational and I love the name. Making money at home is something that lots of people are trying to accomplish these days. I wonder if anybody will leave their homes in the future. I recently started a website so I definitely am not one to pass up some advice. Thank you for your site it was very helpful.

    • Thank you for your comment Marlo, I’m very pleased that you found my article, educational and helpful, and yes you’re right lots of people are now looking to make extra money, especially if it can be done at home, thing is with affiliate marketing, it isn’t just extra money, it can in fact, become a sustainable long term income, thank you once again for your comment.



  3. Excellent article you have up here about making money at home and affiliate marketing. Surely, affiliate marketing has been dominating the world of online marketing. I personally know of countless people who are living pretty well on the passive income made on affiliate marketing. You have given detailed insights on the prerequisite to becoming one and for that, I applaud you. The mistake I made when I firstly joined the world of affiliates is having unrealistic desires and expectations and with that, I couldn’t have enough patience to see me out the beginners’ phase.

    • Thank you for your comment Rodarrick, yes it’s true affiliate marketing is dominating the world of online marketing and with good reason, it can be by far the best way of making money online, if people are prepared to be patient and put the necessary time and effort into it, I’m pleased you stuck at it and have now succeeded with affiliate marketing after starting out with high expectations and lack of patience, I see that persistence must have paid of for you and got you past the beginners phase, well done and thank you once again for your comment.


  4. I have been trying to find a way to make some money online for a while now. I have tried a variety of programs which promised to help me make thousands per week but they were all false claims.

    The way you write, you sound legit and I checked your free training course and it seems okay too. I’ll see how it goes 🙂

    • I too was having a hard time when I was getting started because there are so make get-rich-quick merchants out there, making all kinds of promises but they all lead to blind ally’s, those people are just trying to make themselves rich, I can assure you this training course is 100% legit, I’m a member myself, before I joined I wouldn’t of had a clue how to build a website, yet within a few days I had this website up and running filled with quality content, I didn’t know very much about affiliate marketing either, yet here I am now with my own online affiliate marketing business, thank you for your comment Harry, take care.


  5. Thanks for the great introduction to making money at home!

    You’re so right about most methods of making money online not being very lucrative.  Just look at all the survey sites out there.  Sure there may be one or two $100+ offerings but they are far and few between for sure.  I’ve tried several and the time required for the payment received ends up being well under minimum wage.

    I love that you really take the time to explain that passive income is the way to go and affiliate marketing is how to achieve it.  Social engagement is key and patience is definitely a requirement.  Anything worth doing is worth doing right and businesses take time to build.

    Thanks again for this.  I have a few friends to share it with.


    • Thank you for your comment Scott, yes it’s true, with affiliate marketing the sky is the limit because not only is it a case of the more you put into it, the more you get out, with affiliate marketing what you get out can be ongoing, such as is the case with recurring affiliate payments, when your affiliate marketing business is established you get a sustainable regular passive income, you just down get that with surveys and as you say, there may be the odd one or two that might pay $100, but it’s just a one off payment, thank you once again for your comment and thank you for sharing with your friends.

  6. a very interesting article about making money online which is easy to digest and presented in such a way like talking to the writer in person.
    It is true that there are so many websites claiming it is very easy to make money online just by having a website and money will start rolling in, which in actual fact is not true at all and you have highlighted it subtly and keep the readers’ expectation in check.
    well done Russ

    • Thank you Teo, I’m pleased you found my post interesting, yes some people do make unrealistic promises whereas I would much rather tell people the simple facts, you’re not going to get rich quick, however with affiliate marking you can get rich if you put the right amount of time and effort into it, thank you for commenting, take care.


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