What Is The Best Of Chromebook. (And Chrome OS.)

Best of Chromebook

Asus Chromebook Troubleshooting.

Before I even begin writing this Chromebook review, I’ll go straight to it’s most annoying aspect, the disappearing Chromebook Scroll Bar. so lets get straight to it :-

1, Type “chrome://flags” into your address bar, then press “Enter“.

2, Look for “Overlay Scrollbars” set it to “Disabled”. 

3, Restart your PC.

And there you have it, as if by magic, a regular, normal scrollbar, no more running your cursor up and down trying to find the irritating, illusive little bar, waiting for it to pop out, I have no idea who come up with the ridiculous idea, all I know is, no one likes it.

In this post, I’ll be giving you my own opinion on what is the best and the worst aspects of a Chromebook laptop, I’ll also be trying to give advice and to help you decide if a Chromebook is the right laptop for you, and the best place to go to buy one.

What Is Chromebook And What Is Chrome OS ?  

Chromebooks have been on the market since 2011, they were originally designed to be a simple, lightweight portable device for staying connected to the internet while on the move, travelling or at school etc, the difference between Chromebooks and regular Microsoft Windows laptops is that Chromebooks run on a different kind of operating system, the Chrome OS which was developed by Google, it is a Linux based operating system and uses the Google Chrome web browser.

Though Chromebooks were basic and had their fair share of problems when they were first introduced, they have improved greatly in the last few years, in fact, according to some reviews, they are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, due to the addition of many apps, services and other various improvements.

What Can Chromebook Do ?

Here are some of Chromebooks handy little features, that every Chromebook user should be aware of.

1, At the top center of the Chromebook keyboard, there’s a key which has a box with two lines next to it, click this to see all your applications on screen.

2, Chromebooks zoom feature, to make the screen bigger, Press Ctrl + Shift and +. To make it smaller, Press Ctrl + Shift and . Press Ctrl + Shift + 0 to reset your screen.

3, Chromebooks android apps, in the settings, find Google play store, and enable it, “only the latest Chromebooks have this feature”.

4, Easy screenshot, Press the top center key with the box and two lines, + Ctrl, and the screenshot is automatically added to your documents.

5, Keyboard shortcuts, Press Ctrl + Alt + ? to see a visual list of all shortcuts and key functions.

6, Automatic security updates, Chromebook updates the latest Anti-virus and security automatically.

7, Touchpad scrolling, Use two fingers on the touchpad to scroll up or down.

8, Voice search, Go to settings, then search, check the box marked enable to start voice search.

9, Unlock Chromebook using your smart phone, Go to advanced settings, in the smart lock option, Press set up, pair  Chromebook to your smart phone, using Bluetooth.

10, Mirror Chromebooks display with Chromecast, with Chromecast plugged into your TV, Click the status bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the Chromebook screen, select the Chromecast option, now Chromebooks display will be on your TV.


Is Chromebook Right For Me ?

Are you looking for a low cost, long lasting reliable laptop, are you looking for a computer primarily for email, Facebook, and generally being online surfing the net, if the answer is yes, then a Chromebook is probably the right choice for you, However, before you decide, I’ll give you a list of pros and cons, so here’s what you need to know.

Advantages Of A Chromebook.

1, Price. Chromebooks are significantly cheaper than most other laptops and can be bought for less than £105.

2, Speed, Chromebooks can power up in less than 8 seconds because of the Chrome OS platform.

3, Parental Control, Create supervised accounts, to check your child’s online activity.

4, Security, built-in virus and malware protection which is continually updated.

5, Sync, All your apps and passwords etc, are synced.

6, Battery, You can get up to 13 hours from a full charge.

7, Updates, Chromebooks constantly updates itself, automatically.

8, Cloud Storage, 100 GB of Google drive storage and it’s free.

9, Light Weight, Chromebooks are lightweight, for easy portability.

10, Android, Ability to run android apps on Chromebook.


1, No photoshop, You would need to download an online application.

Video editing, There isn’t any video editing on Chromebook, unless you can download an online application.

3, No optical drive, There is no CD/DVD drive.

4, Storage, There is only 32 GB of storage, this is why Chromebook gives you 100 GB free.

5, Office, You can use Android version of office, but it lacks full functionality.

6, Printing, You can print with Chromebook, but not all printers are compatible.

My Final Verdict.

Chromebooks are reliable, lightweight, portable, affordable, they have a good reputation and I know from my own experience that they do perform well and the recent introduction of Android apps has increased their overall capabilities. if you want an easy and economical way to simply get yourself online and you like using Google, then I think I you can say with confidence, Yes, I think you Should Buy a Chromebook. 

Wishing You all a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Future.

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  1. It sounds like they’ve done work to help improve it and make it more user friendly which I’m sure will be a big selling point for the creators of this product. It’s great that you’ve shared your experience with it, and can share the value and help others like myself understand it instead of sticking with what I am already familiar with and comfortable with. It’s great to be able to learn from your knowledge and experience to help in feeling more comfortable with this device :).

    • Thank you Kat, I’m always happy to help and share my experiences, good ones or bad ones as long as it helps to inform others, I must admit I am happy with the Chromebook laptop, it did have some differences to my previous laptop, but now I’m familiar with the Chrombook, I am pleased with it and I would recommend it to others, thank you once again for your comment.


  2. Thanks for this article Russ.

    I honestly hadn’t heard of Chromebook before today. I personally use a Macbook Air, but I can tell you I paid a whole lot more than the Chromebook costs.

    As for the CD/DVD drive, my Mac doesn’t have one either. I was surprised when I learned that. I guess it’s a sign of the times.

    You said the Chromebook has a fast startup. How speedy is it in operation?

    • Hello there Tudogz, Chromebooks were originally designed as a simple quick way of logging onto the internet, nothing fancy just an easy way to get online, however they have since made lots of improvements, for instance the latest ones have loads of apps installed you just have to activate the ones you want, the Chromebook I use is very good when it comes to speed, I have had no problems with it at all, thank you for your comment.


  3. Hi! I thought your article was very useful. I always wondered whether or not Chromebooks were worth buying or not. I, personally, would not buy one and I am glad I read this first. I didn’t realize all the important things that these computers lacked. But I do think your right in that they are great budget laptops for students or for minimal daily users. I would love to see what your opinions are for higher-end laptops and which one you think are worth the price. I used to be an apple fan, then microsoft but now I find that Dell is one of my favorite brands right now. Which laptop company do you prefer? Id love to know what you think about some of newer laptops that are coming out as well! Will be looking for more of work thanks again!

    • Thank you for your comment Brittany, I would definitely say the Chromebook is worth buying, in fact the Dell XPS 13 is arguably one of the best laptops on the market at the moment, but it has a price tag of £999, the latest Chromebook is the Acer Chromebook 14 priced at £249, personally I would buy the Acer Chromebook without even any hesitation, thanks again for your comment Brittany, take care.


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