1. When I first glanced at your topic asking if i can make money through the social media i was so excited to know how, I won’t hide my feelings that your post is very informative and so helpful and I really thank you Russ for your time to make this research on other social media I also have the same problem using Facebook because my all hope is based on Facebook but they are too strict for business.

    • First of all thank you for your comment and thank you for your kind words, I am always pleased when my posts are helpful to others, I think there are many people that seem to be having problems with Facebook right now, because as you said, they are getting too strict. 

  2. Ultimately every affiliate marketer wants free traffic to their site. It is free with out really having to pay too much for a campaign. Over the years, I am getting tired of Facebook. They have so many restrictions and the cost of running the ads on Facebook is more than YouTube, how can that be possible? 

    Anyways thanks for bringing Pocketnet to my attention. I will definitely sign up after this. As for Webtalk, not sure if I ever came across this but it sounds familiar like one of the Chinese network. I also never heard of MeWe. Thanks for sharing these social networks.

    • I must agree with you about Facebook, in fact, lots of people are beginning to complain about the new strict rules they are bringing in, personally, I just don’t think there’s any need for it, I’m pleased that I have opened your eyes to the other money making sites, I would encourage everyone to sign up to them, thank you for your comment.


  3. I have never heard of Pocketnet before. Right now I’m using Pinterest to get traffic to my website.

    I’ve heard of Webtalk, it just hasn’t piqued my interest due to the comments I hear from other affiliate marketers.

    I think social media only works if you put the work into it. What I mean is right now I’m using Pinterest, the more I use it the more I’m learning what works. I would love to be a social media influencer, but at this time trying to grow my website through social media is not as easy as I thought it would be. 

    I will check out both Pocketnet and MeWe. Thanks for bringing these to my attention.

    • I keep trying to get traffic with Pinterest, but I seem to be having limited success, I have started using Pocketnet more than any other social network platform at the moment, with MeWe and webtalk competing for second, bUnited is also a good one to join for potential making a lot of money, thank you for your comment and I wish you all the best with your social media traffic building.


  4. Fabulous post Russ, just awesome…you don’t fail me with great info on your blog…Yes, social media has been a medium for marketers to get their goods to a larger audience…And Facebook most have added that restrictive feature for members security which is very disadvantageous to marketers…I think I’ll check out this other social media platforms…They look really great for making money too…Thanks for the info on how social media has evolved with time…Regards!

    • There really does seem to be a lot of people complaining about Facebook lately, however, it does seem rather fortunate that there are a lot of alternatives coming along and I am always very pleased to help, I hope you like the new social media platforms I have found, I’m sure they will come in very useful, thank you for your comment and your kind words, take care. 

  5. Facebook will not allow me to advertise because of what they consider “unusual” activity on my account. So I can’t even attempt to do anything besides share my posts.
    Seeing these options in your post gives me hope that I can actually make a dent and get some more traffic flowing.
    I have already joined just about all of your suggestions!

    Thank you so much for this info!

    Feeling so much more social…
    Gwendolyn J

    • There does appear to be quite a few people complaining about Facebook these days and not just from people wanting to advertise but also from people who are seeing their posts being censored, in fact it was for this reason that I started searching for alternative social media platforms and I am very pleased that you have joined them, I really do hope you find them useful and they help you with building traffic, thank you for your comment Gwendolyn it really is much appreciated.


  6. I’ve been meaning to join WebTalk for a while now so thanks a lot for the invite 🙂

    BUnited is not a social media though. It’s more like a kind of MLM which claims to be saving the world without telling us how haha. I’ve read a lot of reviews of BUnited where most people claim that it’s going to change the world (just to get you to join obviously) and then when I ask them how are we going to change the world they don’t really know what to answer… 

    I would remove it from the list if I were you.

    Thanks a lot anyway for the WebTalk invite 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment Harry, The aim of bUnited is to build up enough members so as to be able to stand up to big corporations and companies, if bUnied could get as many members as Facebook, advertisers would be queuing up to buy advertising space, bUnited could then have some leverage, however, I suppose the main point here is, it is absolutely free to join bUnited, it costs nothing and I for one like what they are at least trying to do, so I would say to everyone give them the benefit of the doubt, if indeed you do have any doubts.


  7. These new alternative social media sites are better than their predecessors. I remember, I joined YuWie social network a couple of years ago, it was nice but they were not able to sustain the site. With WebTalk, it seems their platform is sustainable. With regard to MeWe, I was looking if they provide affiliate commissions for referring others to their platform but unfortunately I didn’t find one. Or, maybe I have missed the section that tells people we can make money referring others to the site. Facebook is still the greatest social platform, but it’s not bad to explore these new innovative platforms.

    • Hello Gomer, bUnted and WeTtalk do offer monetary incentives for inviting new members, as do Pocketnet in the form of Cryptocurrency, MeWe doesn’t offer a monetary incentive for inviting new members however, MeWe does allow direct affiliate links which could be of interest to affiliate marketers.


  8. Rather interesting post you have written up here Russ. It is no new thing that social media is one of the basic tools made available to a marketer to generate incredible traffic and ultimately, sales. It is however detrimental to marketers having discovered the strict rules placed by Facebook on its users and how much limitations it has placed in reaching a far and wider audience. Thanks for suggesting other social media platforms that can also help in generating great traffic by reaching out to more people. Also, thanks for giving an historical view of how social media came to being. Great one.



    • Thank you for your comment Ramos, I think there is a growing number of people who are getting a bit fed up with Facebook and their strict rules, which was the reason I started looking for alternative social media sites, I’m glad you found this post helpful.


  9. These are some great social media platforms and so many to choose from to join. 

    I am currently a member of bUnited. Its something good you are doing by joining this program to save the world. They don’t immediately give payouts just yet, but it is still growing, so you just have to keep inviting people and earn big! Once bUnited gets funded with enough money, everyone will be cashed out.

    Thank you for sharing this list and all the best to you.

    • It’s good that you have already joined bUnited, it’s true that they’re not paying out money at the moment, but when they grow big enough to start receiving revenue from advertising and I’m sure they will, they will then begin paying out, all the best to you too Aabidah.


  10. Hi, Russ, 

    This page or post is a thorough review of social media pay platforms and free ones. I learned there’s a lot more to social media than I knew of. Facebook is constantly changing, and you’ve covered that well. I’m investigating to of the sites listed in your post. Descriptions are great and easy to read. Great Post!

    • Hello Dave, thank you for your comment and kind words, I’m pleased that you found my post interesting and helpful.


  11. It always amazes me the things one can learn about social media when it comes to opportunities for making money on it. I use social media all the time but it is mostly Twitter and Facebook. In regards to Facebook I am getting pretty annoyed with them and their breach of privacy scandals that keep being discovered. Because of this I started looking for other social media networks to join that can help my website business with traffic and money and that is when I found this post.

    Other than WebTalk I have not heard of any of these other social media networks. The bUnited network sounds interesting for two reasons. The cause for helping to save the planet and the fairly generous payout. My only question is, if someone who joins gets $10 credit and they get another $10 for every friend that joins under them, where does that $10 come from, bUnited or the member that you referred? Thank you Russ for this post and your answer in advance.

    • Thank you for your comment Robert, 50% of Facebook’s revenue is over $20 billion per year, which means if bUnited manage to recruit just half as many members as Facebook they will be able to stand by their promise and pay their members, time will tell, but personally, I believe bUnited will eventually grow to be as popular or even more popular than Facebook. 

  12. This article couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been trying to become more ‘present’ on social media over the last few weeks. I definitely think it can be a  positive thing in regard to your business. The idea of getting paid at the same time had never occured to me and I had certainly not heard of three of the four main sites that you mentioned. It’s a good idea to try allow some separation between the bigger ones and the later additions. It can be overwhelming sometimes, trying to remember where and when you have posted. ‘bUnited’ looks very promising and I like that it has an ‘Eco’ philosophy in there also. Being in at the beginning of some can only act in our favour, it’s rare to get that opportunity. If you have the time and the self discipline not to ‘lose’ yourself in the day to day goings on, then social media can be a huge help while you are trying to promote you business.

    • Thank you for your comment, you are absolutely correct, social media sites are very useful for affiliate marketers and getting paid be them is an added and very welcome bonus, I wish you every success with your business.


  13. Hi, Russ.
    Thanks for sharing the information on how to use social media to make money.
    Pocketnet, MeWe, bUnited and webtalk etc are new to me and I will certainly go for these platforms. Many people have earned fortunes and had success through facebook and youtube, but the other programs shared by you are still virgin in my region. Thanks for the latest update.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaur, thank you for your comment, I’m pleased that you found my post helpful, take care.


  14. Just Read your posts Russ. I have made a start on Pocketnet since you introduced me a few days ago. I will check all the other options with a view of joining.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment William, please feel free to join all of the social media sites I have listed, they’re all free to join so you have nothing to lose and you really do get paid, thanks again for the comment, take care.


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