Can Positive Affirmations Attract Money And Wealth.

How To Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life.

I must admit to being quite skeptical about the idea of attracting wealth and money using positive affirmations, but after doing some research on this subject, I have come to realise that there may be some truth in it.

I’ve decided to write an article about it and I sincerely hope you find it both interesting and informative because I certainly did, apparently, if you genuinely believe that you can attract money and wealth, then you are much more likely to do just that.

It seems that if you can make your subconscious mind believe that obtaining and attracting money and wealth is easy, it will actually become easier, on the other hand, if you subconsciously believe that making money is hard then that’s the mindset you will have, so it’s much more likely that making money will be harder for you.

Well, here is the good news, you can re-train your subconscious mind by using positive affirmations in order to create a positive healthy mindset, which will make you feel and act more prosperous, giving you an inner sense and feeling of well being.  

You will feel lifted into a higher state of prosperity, when your conscious mind alters the state of your subconscious mindset, you will begin to truly believe that money and wealth should be and is going to come to you.

This new set of beliefs about money and wealth will start attracting more opportunities that you wouldn’t have noticed before, you will have new ideas that you would have previously overlooked, you will soon start to see the differences between a positive and a negative mindset, you will start to appreciate all of the benefits of having a positive mindset.

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How Do We Create A Wealthy Mindset.

We are all products of our own thoughts and beliefs, if you believe you are going to fail, then there’s a very good chance that you will fail, however, if you truly believe that you are successful and you will win, then you give yourself a far greater chance of succeeding, just because you believed it to be so.

We can alter our mindset by changing our inner thoughts and beliefs, we can train our subconscious minds to become positive, to eliminate negativity and to enhance thoughts or success and prosperity, when we believe we are successful and prosperous, we will become successful and prosperous.

Here I’ve listed some simple steps to help eliminate the negative and promote the positive, first we must stop thinking negative thoughts, instead we can think and focus on these positive thoughts instead.

Think and believe that you are truly successful.

Focus on what you want and believe that you will achieve it.

Always be optimistic about your future, never have any doubts.

Believe that you are truly worthy of being prosperous.

Tell yourself that wealth and abundance comes naturally to you.

Truly believe that money is going to come your way.

Always try to remember that our own mindset is a direct result of what our own thoughts are.

Our thoughts and beliefs after gradually building up over a long period of time, become the person that we have become, therefore if we spend our lives having mostly negative thoughts, our outlook on life will be more negative and of course, the opposite is also true, if you think positive, you will be positive.

If you keep having recurring negative thoughts, it’s usually because that’s the way your mind has been set, your thoughts are whatever your own immediate reaction is to any given situation.

That immediate reaction is your subconscious mind coming up with what it sees as the best reaction for you, which is usually the same or a very similar reaction to what it gave before in other similar situations and as you can imagine that is what becomes the fastest and easiest reaction, because it becomes habitual.

These thoughts and reactions become, not just habitual but automatic, so, we need to “consciously” take control of our own thoughts and guide them toward a more positive outlook, we need to stop and think about these negative thoughts.

We need to stop giving importance to these negative thoughts, because they will become hard wired into the brain and that is what brings about our negative outlook on life.

What we need to start doing is to give importance and focus on positive thoughts, if we think more about positive reactions and give more importance to positive thoughts, then our subconscious will begin to hard wire those thoughts and reactions into our brain.

We can do this by always being aware of our thoughts, so that we can ignore the negative ones and start paying more attention to whatever situation you find yourself in, for instance, if you’re in a queue or stuck in a line of traffic, stop and think about the thoughts that are going through your mind.


Are you getting frustrated or starting to feel anxious, if so, just take a moment to realise that those thoughts aren’t going to get you anywhere, apart from maybe increase your stress levels and raise your blood pressure and you will still be there, in exactly the same queue or line of traffic.

We need to consciously redirect those negative thoughts and start thinking positively about the situations we find ourselves in, we will eventually begin to realise that we can actually choose what reaction we want to get from any given situation.

If we can discipline ourselves and our minds to focus on positive thoughts while ignoring negative thoughts, we will, in the long term, become much more positive, prosperous and successful.   

I sincerely hope you found this article interesting, informative and helpful, if you have any questions or if you can add any insight about the benefits of having a positive mental attitude or having a positive outlook on life, please feel free to leave a comment.

I always enjoy reading your comments and I will answer every question or comment that I receive. Thank you.


Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Future.




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  1. I used to do a lot of positive affirmations a few years ago, and while I do believe they can help with your mindset I’m not really sure that they actually do attract money and wealth, although I do know people that swear by them.

    What I think they do help with is get you into a positive mind frame so that you take serious action on your goals… Action is what really attracts money and wealth… but positive affirmations certainly help.

    Great post!

    • Thank you for your comment John, It’s great that positive affirmations worked for you, all be it not directly but as a result of putting you in a positive mind frame to reach your goals, I have only relatively recently started applying these ideas and already I do seem to be getting a better and more positive outlook, I get less agitated about silly little things that really shouldn’t be bothering me, thank you once again for your comment John.


  2. Russ I agree with your article and I am a believer in attracting good things. I’m currently testing this out on a situation I have going on. I’m doing affirmations and getting rid of negative thoughts. I’m thinking only positive things.

    • Thank you Shirley, I am also testing positive affirmations and positive mental attitude and I must admit it does seem to be beneficial, I feel less stressed, if I have negative thoughts I just dismiss them and get back to thinking positive, please try to keep at it Shirley, I’m sure you’ll start to feel some benefits.


  3. I like to believe that positive affirmations attract money and wealth. Because they give me confidence to work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Positive affirmations are the best motivation that you need, they will put you in the best moral conditions for you to fight and win any battles that can come your way.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Adyns, thank you for your comment, I must admit that I do believe that a positive mindset does help us with whatever it is we are trying to achieve and I’m pleased that positive affirmation works for you.


  4. I do think that positive affirmations can make a difference in a person’s outlook on life and opportunities. There are many ways to look at a glass that is half full of water for instance…It is half full, half empty, an opportunity to sell water to someone, or a way to grow crops and make even more money.

    A person that has a positive outlook on life will see the latter options while the one that has perhaps bought into their own negative outlook based on what they may hear around them, and eventually within themselves, will see that there is only a half a glass of water, nothing more.

    I was raised to have an entrepreneurial spirit and try and fail. Only through the failures do you learn what not to do so at some point you will find the right way to do things and have success. I always give people the opportunity to say no, for instance…

    They may say no 19 times, and then they will say yes. Using positive affirmations to keep an outlook that is positive will allow you to get to yes without stopping at the 19 times you hear no…This has held true for me through the years, way before the positive affirmation thing came about, but the principle is the same, so it does work. Great post and insightful information. Thanks!  

    • Hi Dave, I have been using positive affirmations and trying to keep a positive mindset every since I did the research for this post and I must admit I really do think it works, I consciously make myself see my glass as being half full, something as simple as that can help stop the negative thoughts, I do agree with your analogy when you get a negative answer, keep trying until you get a positive answer, every failure is a stepping stone to success and the best thing about try, try, try again is the fact that it seems so much more satisfying when success does come, always remember, anything that is worth having doesn’t come easy, I’m pleased that you liked my post, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


  5. Well at this moment in time, I’m a lot like you were before you looked more fully into this subject – I am a little skeptical about this sort of thing helping your business ventures!

    At the same time, I used the ‘positive mindset’ angle to get myself out of a depression rut about ten years ago now, so I do know there is some sort of power in changing this mindset. Where would you recommend a newbie going to find out more about this subject?

    • Hello Chris, I was skeptical at first, I just couldn’t see how thinking positive world actually work, however, after doing some research and beginning to realise the power of the subconscious mind I started to see it in a different way, for years it has been proven that placebos work, someone that is ill will get better if his or her subconscious mind truly believes it, I’m pleased to read about your success with depression, since I did the research for this post, I have been using positive affirmation myself and it really does seem to work, if you tell yourself you are successful and your subconscious mind truly believes it, you will be successful, here is a link to the video that I listen to regularly :-  https://tinyurl.com/AFFIRMATIONS-TO-ATTRACT-WEALTH     ,Just sit down relax and listen to it.   

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