Are Plastic Kettles Safe ? (Public Health Warning.)

Should Your Kettle be Plastic ?

Kettles are an essential item in every modern kitchen, especially first thing in the morning for that early cup of tea or coffee, but is there something we may be overlooking, something we’re not even aware of, I mean, we bought the kettle, from a reputable retailer, it was produced by a reputable manufacturer, they wouldn’t sell anything that could be a danger to our health, would they ?

BisPhenolA, (BPA)

BPA is in fact, an industrial chemical, it was first used as early as the 1960s, more recently, BPA has been used in the production of food and drink related items, such as plastic bottles, including baby’s bottles and many other food containers, some food and drink containers are lined with a plastic coating that contains, yes you’ve guessed it, BPA, the problem is, that over time the BPA starts to seep out of the plastic and into our food and drinks, especially the water that is boiled in a plastic kettle.

The Dangers of BPA.

The effects that BPA may have on our health could be worse than most people realize, consuming food items and drinking beverages that have been exposed to or contain BPA, can lead to a multitude of health problems, medical studies have shown that BPA can lead to heath issues that include, learning difficulties in children, even on the unborn fetus, there can also be other detrimental effects on the brain, digestive and insulin related illnesses such as diabetes, it can also cause infertility, BPA can even lead to some forms of cancer.

BPA Free Kettles.

You can easily purchase BPA free kettles online and have it delivered to your door, here I’ve given an example of a very affordable BPA free kettle, so you can dispose of that unhealthy plastic kettle and start drinking chemical free hot drinks, whatever your preferred hot drink may be.

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  1. Hey mate,,,

    You did make your point, and obviously do agree with what you have said in your review. It’s interesting even for some of us, we know we use those plastic kettles everyday without realising the negative impacts they have on us.
    Well it seems obvious that if they are manufactured by reputable companies then I think they might or might not have gone through some kind of experiment to see whether they’re good for use for consumers, either way I am not sure but you’re right..better fetch the Glass electronic kettle.

    I think I am gonna check that out in the closest Mart…it’s worth having a healthy lifestyle rather than ignoring the facts that may lead to health deterioration.


    • Thank you for replying, I’m very pleased that you found the information useful.

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