Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Who Think They Can’t Do It)

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Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing ?

Are you one of those people who thinks that starting up an online affiliate marketing business is a bit of a daunting task, maybe you would absolutely love to have all the benefits that making money online with affiliate marketing would bring, the passive income for one, or maybe the thought that you could take early retirement when your business really starts to pick up, wouldn’t that be brilliant.

Yet there is something stopping you from having your own online business, is it because you think you simply haven’t got the skills or the know how, well if this is the case, please read on because hopefully I may be able to change your mind.

Actually, before I begin, I think it’s far to say that it probably is quite understandable that some people are initially put off, I mean, lets face it, building a successful online business isn’t going to be easy, in fact it’s hard and it needs a lot of patience, however, if you take one step at a time you really can do it and after a while it even becomes quite easy.

However, please don’t listen to the “Get Rich Quick” merchants who say you can make thousands in a single day, because that just isn’t going to happen. You see, you can’t just sign up to a few affiliate programs, spread some affiliate links around the place and expect people to come running to you, wanting to buy whatever products you’re promoting, it does take a little bit more than that.

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Do I Need A Blogging Platform ?

With affiliate marketing you have a seller, someone who wants to sell his or her products, then you have the affiliate marketer, someone who advertises and finds customers for the seller, therefore, you, as the affiliate marketer must have a platform from which to sell and advertise the products for the seller and in my honest opinion the best platform is a website.   

Please don’t be put off by the thought of having to build a website because it can be surprisingly easy and it soon becomes a very interesting hobby, well, I find it very interesting anyway, I really do like adding content to my website, I actually look forward to getting to my laptop and doing some online research while putting my thoughts into writing.

On the subject of website content, it’s just as well that I have come to enjoy writing about stuff, because you do need a lot of content on your website and it does need to be informative and interesting, it’s very important that you get as many people as you can visiting and reading your website content, so try to keep all your articles and posts informative and interesting.

You can, of course, add a bit of humour, I think most of us like to read amusing stuff and you never know, I may be telling a joke a bit later on in this post, but for now I’ll try to stick to informative and interesting, or at the very least, I hope this post is informative and interesting, please feel free to leave any comments you may have at the bottom of this post.

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Practice Makes Perfect.

Okay, I do realise that some people may have difficulty in putting their thoughts into writing or may feel uncomfortable about sitting down and writing a long article but actually, when you think about it, no one has ever been able to just sit and write anything until they actually started doing it and they gradually got better at it.

In fact, the best writer in the world, the best football player in the world, the best boxer etc, all of these people didn’t just wake up one morning and found themselves being experts in their own particular field, they practiced, lots and lots of practice, and practice as I think we all may know, makes perfect, I think it’s also true that practice is the effort that make winning possible.

Something that may also help you with writing articles is the fact that you will need to choose a niche or subject to base you affiliate marketing website on, the niche/subject can be absolutely anything you want it to be, so you can choose whatever subject you happen to be good at or have a lot of knowledge about.

It can also be whatever you’re interested in, for instance if you can play the guitar you will then have the opportunity of writing a multitude of articles on various guitars, how to play the guitar, what’s the best guitar to buy etc.

You may be a keen fisherman so you could choose fishing which would of course, give you many products to write articles on, rods, reels, keep nets, baskets and so on, or if you’re good at doing jobs around the house you could choose DIY as your niche, again this is another niche subject that would give you many different products to write about.  

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website.

When you get your website up and running with a good amount of content on it, some people will say that this is when you start signing up to affiliate programs, and you can, but personally, I would just place one or two affiliate links to begin with, because some affiliate programs, Amazon, for instance, only give you a certain period of time to make a number of sales.

You can avoid this by building up viewers to your website first, you see, you could have the best website in the world but it won’t get any potential customers if no one is looking at it, so you’ll need to put your website out there first.

You can start by joining social media sites and networks, such as Pinterest, MeWe, Webtalk, Instagram, twitter etc, you can also build up your friends lists on your existing social media networks then place links to your website on all of your social media networks as well as relevant forums.

The best way to get traffic to your website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) well, yes it is the best but it is also the hardest, it’s the hardest because it means getting your website at the top of the list on google search, so when people search for something on the internet and there are thousands of google searches every day, they will get directed to and see your website.

Therefore, if you’ve written an article on a product within your chosen niche and it is good enough to get to the first page on google, everyone searching for that product will see your website, while getting your website to the first page of google search is difficult, it’s not impossible.

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How To Rank High In Google Search.

Write long interesting articles that are informative and thorough with more than 1,000 words in them, in fact, try to make then as long and as informative as possible aim for somewhere between 1,500 to 2,000 words but they can obviously be much longer.

Make your website mobile friendly, in other words make sure your website is viewable on smartphones, you can do this by using “google’s mobile friendly tool”. Find good keywords that are relevant to the article or product that you’re writing about, Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool that I know of, you can also take advantage of google search to find out what’s trending or what people are currently searching for.   

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Screenshot Of Jaaxy In Action.

As you can see from the example I’ve used above, the results from “best sea fishing rod”, which I typed in the address bar at the top, the results were, AVG, average number of searches is 96, Traffic, Visits to website is 17, QSR, Number of websites competing for “best sea fishing rod” is 25, which shows that it is quite a good keyword to use, (a keyword can actually be a word or a phrase), however, I personally would go for the third one down “best sea fishing rods reels” because as you can see the QSR is 0, meaning there are no other websites using that keyword/phrase.

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Google Search Screenshot.

Google search can also be used for finding the best keywords to use on your website, because when you start typing into the search bar, google shows you suggestions, well, these suggestions are the phrases that are currently being searched for the most often.

As you can see, when I typed in the same keywords as before, the top and most searched for keyword is “best sea fishing rod and reel” and as we’ve seen from using Jaaxy there are no other websites competing for that keyword, therefore it would make perfect sense to use that term in the article you are writing, giving you a better chance of getting higher google rankings.

Honesty is the best policy.

Honesty Earns Respect.

Always be totally honest about your affiliate links, it’s much better to place affiliate links for products that you yourself have tried and tested, that way you can give your readers an honest and informed opinion on the said product, don’t just sell something just to get money.

Just think how you would feel if someone recommended something to you and when you bought the product, it turned out to be useless, especially if the person that recommended it hadn’t even tried it themselves.

There may be occasions when you might place affiliate links to something you haven’t tried yourself but make it clear to the reader that you have only read reviews on the product or someone you know personally has tried it and recommends it, you can also encourage the reader to research the product for themselves first, like that old saying, honesty is the best policy.

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Patience Is The Key Element Of Success.

Patience is a very important aspect of building an affiliate marketing online business because it takes time, okay, there’s no definite period of time for me to use as an example because there are so many variables, but if you expect to see results in the first few months then you’re most probably going to end up disappointed and disheartened.

Some people build themselves a website add what they think is an adequate amount of content with some affiliate links thrown in and expect the revenue to start flowing, well it doesn’t work like that, you must be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into it for a long period of time before you start seeing any results.

Not only is patience necessary for whatever you want to achieve in life but we also need to have persistence and perseverance, so always try to remember the three Ps, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance, it’s very important to be persistent, if something doesn’t work or isn’t quite right do it a better way.

Keep trying different methods until you get the right one, remember, every failure is another stepping stone to success, just keep learning from any mistakes you may make, and always persevere, stick at it, if something goes wrong go back to it and start again, always bare in mind that anything worth having doesn’t comes easy.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

The Winner Takes It All.   

A winner is a person who is absolutely determined to succeed, no matter how hard or tough the task may be, a winner will face whatever challenges or obstacles that are put in his way, a loser on the other hand isn’t determined enough and isn’t prepared to face challenges or obstacles so ends up quitting and never reaching his goals, he usually ends up spending his life regretting his lack of determination and dedication, only the winners are remembered and winners are the ones that end up becoming our role models.

Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Future.

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  1. Hello Russ, this is an interesting article and surely you have succeeded in inspiring a lot of rookies to getting started with affiliate marketing. I had a daunting start to affiliate marketing because I thought it wasn’t for me. Generally, I’m not exceptional in writing and I hate it more when I have to do it consistently. But with consistency and fighting spirit, I am scaling through

    • Thank you for your comment Rodarrick, I sincerely hope I have inspired other people to start an online affiliate marketing business, and congratulations to you getting through those early daunting stages, I wish you much success with your affiliate marketing journey and all the best for the future.


  2. Hi Russ. You’ve packed a lot of info into this post. How long does it really take to start earning money from a blog site?
    I’ve seen lots of places where they promise big bucks within a short time (provided I join their program of course) but I’m a sceptical person so I’m still holding onto my cash.
    I follow the old adage “if it seems too good to be true it probably is”.
    What are your thoughts?

    • How long does it take to start earning money ? this is a question that everyone or at least most people ask when starting an online affiliate marketing business, but sadly this question can’t be answered with any accuracy because there are so many things that come into it, it really does depend on so many different various aspects, I suppose my best answer would be, don’t expect to make any money for at least three months, however the more time and effort you put into it the quicker the money will start to come, if you don’t put so much effort in, then it will take longer, however, I do know of someone who started affiliate marketing almost 5 years ago, his income obviously varies but it averages out to £5000 per month, and that really is the best way I can answer your first question, no one likes parting with money, including me and I would most certainly advice anyone and everyone to never give money to the get-rich-quick merchants, the only people they are trying to make rich is themselves, they will invariably lead you up a blind ally, by far the best affiliate marketing platform I have ever found is wealthy affiliate.


  3. I have read many reviews on the topic of starting an online business; each person is saying the same thing, but with  different expressions. However, you came across with an aura of freshness and honesty.

    I have learnt a few things in the process of reading your review, which I planned on trying out. I had been thinking about one of the ideas you brought up but had doubts as it was never mentioned before. I am one who is always thinking outside of the box and i’m really happy I got this opportunity to read your Article,

    My questions to you are:

    How long have you been an online marketer and have you found any great levels of success?

    In such a competitive niche, how much of a challenge it is for you in finding keyword that will give you an edge over the competition?

    All the best


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m very pleased that you like my style of writing, I’m also very please that you have picked up new ideas from my post, to answer your questions, firstly, I started looking into affiliate marketing approximately 1 year ago, at first I came across the get-rich-quick merchants with their promises of easy money, luckily I wasn’t taken in by them, however I eventually signed up to blogger and opened a blog, I signed up to click bank, and used my blog as a sort of landing page with a small advert with my affiliate links attached to it, however it wasn’t very successful, but I certainly didn’t want to give up so I started looking further into it when I came across a link, it had wealthy affiliate written on it, I was a bit cautious at first but it was free, so I thought okay, I’ll give it a go, and I must say I have no regrets whatsoever, I not only now have my own website but I have started making money, so the future is now looking bright and it’s all thanks to wealthy affiliate, secondly it’s very difficult to get the edge over competitors, but by using as many good keywords as you can find and making sure your articles are thorough and in-depth while trying to keep your post around 1,500 words in length, I truly believe that you will eventually get to where you want to be.


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