What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Make Money.

What is Affiliate Marketing.

Quite simply, Affiliate Marketing is an easy way of making a regular and sustainable income, what affiliate marketing actually involves is marketing or advertising other peoples products or services, just find a participating company or retailer and for every sale you make or customer you find for the company or retailer, you get paid.

To build an affiliate marketing business for yourself, you first need a blog or website, personally, I prefer a website, but the choice is yours, the next step is to get people visiting and reading your blog/website and then comes the easy part, signing up to retailers or companies that use affiliates, which by the way is actually the vast majority of companies.

However for this example, let’s just say Amazon, all you have to do is simply get your affiliate links for whatever Amazon product you choose, write an article or post about the product, then add your own affiliate link and publish the post to your website, take a look here for a real example of what affiliate marketing is.

Just another example.

In this post, I will be showing you exactly what to do and how easy affiliate marketing is, I will also be giving you direct links to an online affiliate marketing community that will take you from complete beginner right up to being an experienced affiliate marker, with your very own online affiliate marketing business.

In fact you’ll be up and running in less time than you would ever have thought possible, you will not only get all the help you need from the community members but you also get help and advice from affiliate marketing experts, you get video tutorials, chat rooms, class rooms and much more.

There really is everything you will need to learn all about affiliate marketing and it doesn’t stop there, you also get 2 websites and best of all, it’s all FREE and I know, because I have joined, I am now a premium member, so if you join, I’ll see you there.

What Will I Need To Get Started.

Ideally, you will want a laptop or desktop computer, I really don’t think a smartphone would be ideal for building an online business, but then again maybe it’s not impossible, However, I think most people will already own or have access too a laptop or desktop.

However there’s no need to worry if you don’t have access to a either of these because you can buy a brand new laptop and it’s lot more affordable than you may think, which now gives me another opportunity to show you another little example of affiliate marketing in practice. You can buy this Samsung Chromebook XE + free delivery by Simply clicking on the link below.

Website Or Blog.

As I mentioned earlier, you will ideally need a website or blog to use as an affiliate marketing platform to connect you buyers to your sellers and in my honest opinion a website is the best option and the best website platform in my opinion is WordPress. Please don’t be put of by the idea of having to build your own website because it is very easy to do, in fact, it’s much easier than you would think and best of all it’s free.

Finding Your Niche.

By now you will probably have your website up and running, you will now need to find your niche, a niche is simply a subject of topic to write about and base your website on that subject, it can be any subject you want, whatever interests you or it could be something you’re good at, actually it’s much better to find a niche that you have plenty of knowledge of, because you will have a lot more ideas on things to write about regarding that particular subject, which will help you in building up more content to the articles and posts that you write.

Become An Affiliate.

By now you will have a basic idea of what affiliate marketing is, but as with everyone else who first started an affiliate marketing business, you will need more help and support and that’s where we can be of assistance, we can help you with finding the right place to start, we can also help you to avoid the scams and pitfalls that you may encounter along the way.

You see there are so many people out there, who have tried and still trying to build a successful online affiliate marketing business, but the problem is, there are so many get-rich-quick merchants, scammers and greedy, selfish people who are only interested in getting as much traffic as they can to their own website or YouTube channel, just so they themselves can make more money from advertisers and their own affiliate links.

Which leads to so many good, honest, genuine people failing and simply giving up, quitting, and I know because I came very close to doing just that. I came close to being taken in by these dishonest, dodgy people when I first started out, but eventually and after a lot of searching, I eventually found a genuine, honest platform and I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

Wealthy affiliate

Here are some of the reasons why I recommend This Affiliate Program.

 Help, Education and Training,  This Affiliate program has literally loads of training, help, support, advice and education, no other affiliate marketing platforms come close to offering so much support. The best news is the starter membership completely free.

You are also taken you step by step from initially setting up your first website all the way to an experienced affiliate marketer, their online community is so welcoming, friendly and helpful it all seems to good to be true, any questions you may have are answered almost immediately because there are so many members all helping each other, from beginners to the more advanced right up to affiliate marketing experts.

 To Find Out More.

When you start building up your website and adding content to it, you will of course, wan’t your website to rank high on Google search and to help with doing so, you will need to use keywords, keywords are words or short sentences/phrases that you use while writing articles etc, which leads me to yet more good news about this affiliate program, the best keyword research tool that I know off Jaaxy comes absolutely free when you sign up.

And Finally I’ll Leave You With A Few Little Hints and Tips.

I sincerely hope that I have helped you with your new and exciting journey towards becoming successful at affiliate marketing and building your own online business, though at first you may not find writing articles and posts based on your chosen niche easy to do.

However I can promise you it does get easier, however I will give you some tips on how to write good quality articles for your website, first you will need to provide useful information to your readers, try to keep them interested. When someone does a Google search they are usually looking for information, so try to be thorough when you write your posts, so they will find what they are looking for on your website.

For instance, if your niche subject is about fishing tackle and someone searches “what is the best sea fishing rod” try to make sure you have enough information for then to find the answers that they were hoping to find. Always do some online research while you’re writing your articles and posts.

Try to provide solutions to problems that your readers may be having, if they find what they are looking for on your website, they won’t need to go to someone else’s and they are more likely to come back to yours.


Wishing you all a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy future,

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  1. Hello Russ, came back again to check out new tips on affiliate marketing on your site because your posts are really helpful. I have chosen wealthy affiliate for my journey as you may know but you said something in this post about choosing a website over a blog and I don’t understand, which of this two does wealthy affiliate offer blogs or normal websites so I can choose whether to try out word press… Thanks again Russ. I will be anticipating your reply

    • Hello Henderson, thank you for your comment, before I joined wealthy affiliate, I signed up with blogger and set up a blog, I had the free version of blogger which was okay I suppose but there were functionalities that just didn’t work such as adding affiliate banners, however with wealthy affiliate you get a free WordPress website which is far better than the blog I previously used, that’s why I recommend a website over a blog. https://tinyurl.com/BLOGVWEBSITE


  2. This is a great explanation. Affiliate Marketing involves Affiliates selling products for programs in order to gain commission from it, but also to help others to find these products. Content has to be added to the products to make a great sales pitch in order for visitors to buy them on your website. 

    These Affiliate programs need Affiliate Marketers, but also the other way around. It’s a help-help situation. Bt Affiliates need to gain visitor’s trust by helping them first then selling them the product. Affiliate Marketing can be a great business if you put the work into it.

    Thank you for explaining this and all the best to you.

    • Thank you Aabidah, Yes affiliate marketing is a great platform not just for the retailer or seller but also for the affiliate who gets commission etc, and yes it does mean putting some time and effort into getting visitors to your site but whatever business we choose needs some time and effort putting into it, but in my view affiliate marketing is more satisfying because you can earn a passive income, all the best to you too Aabidah.


  3. I am a huge fan of affiliate marketing solely because you don’t have to create the products you sell to your visitors. You can register in affiliate networks and sell other people’s products. That is truly amazing. The only issue with affiliate marketing is traffic.

    Once you have the traffic and the right trainings you will soon find out that affiliate marketing is not as hard as people think.

    • You are absolutely correct Jay, affiliate marketing does need a lot of time and effort to begin with but once you have built up sufficient traffic to your site you then just need to write regular posts and revenue will keep coming in, that’s why I would recommend affiliate marketing to anyone, thank you for your comment Jay.


  4. Dear Russ,

    Since 2008, I tried many make money online programs. To name a few… Paid To Click, Get Paid To Sites, Online Surveys, Captcha Typing, Email Reading, Ad posting, Data Entry, Content Writing, Transcription, etc.

    I have lost $4,000+ to scams and products which under-delivered with low-quality. Based on my experience and research, one of the best ways to make money online is by doing Affiliate Marketing. Below is my favorite quote…

    Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions and Ordinary People Millionaires. – Bo Bennett.

    After a long struggle in December 2017, I became a full-time Affiliate Marketer by following the training of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Affiliate Marketing training platform I came across online. Thanks for guiding people in the right direction.

    Based on my experience, it is almost impossible to succeed online without proper training, guidance, support, and tools. Wealthy Affiliate provides everything under one platform which I like the most.

    Much Success!


    • I’m very sorry to hear you lost so much money to scammers Paul, I must admit I never tried so many varieties or different ways of making money online as you did, I briefly tried surveys but didn’t have much luck, I didn’t have much luck when I first started out with affiliate marketing but that was before I found Wealthy Affiliate and I haven’t looked back since, they really are the best affiliate marketing platform out there at the moment, I like Bo Bennett’s quote too, maybe we could alter it too “Wealthy Affiliate has made millions of ordinary people into affiliate marketers”…lol, thank you for your comment Paul.


  5. Wow, nice blog post you have here. Affiliate marketing is getting more participants everyday and just as much as there are participants, there are many sites that have  taken it( affiliate marketing) a way of scamming people. For those who will thread a good part like you have mentioned (wealthy affiliate), I think the main issue is always picking a good niche. All in all, affiliate marketing has to do with alot of hardwork and deligence. Great post, wonderful.

    • Hello Jackson, Thank you for your comment and kind words, you are of course absolutely right, scammers are everywhere unfortunately, we all just have to stay vigilant and on our guard to make sure we don’t get taken in, you’re also correct about the importance of choosing a good niche subject, but with wealthy affiliate even this isn’t too much of a concern because you can easily start up another website with a different niche and run it along side the first one you chose, however it does take time,effort and patience, the revenue doesn’t appear overnight you have to work at it and never get disheartened.


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